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Construction Estimating Services, LLC (CES)
 Phone: 503-333-0879
CES: Let us estimate your heavy civil works projects 
Construction Estimating Services, LLC (CES) can help you win, and perform, US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Architect-Engineer (AE) contracts, with our incomparable breadth of cost engineering expertise and experience on COE civil works projects. We can also prepare detailed, accurate construction cost estimates for other federal, state, and local agencies, upon request.
                                                                            Construction Estimating Services, LLC 

CES offers you the following attributes:  

-Many years of experience as COE estimators on a wide range of civil works projects including: dams, locks, levees, dredging, jetties, fire protection, hydropower,  fish hatcheries, ecosystem restoration, commuter rail, and light rail projects

- Substantial experience in producing accurate, defensible COE cost estimates. We have prepared many high quality budgetary estimates, and independent government estimates.

-Unparalleled knowledge of Corps cost engineering processes, regulations, and software, including ability to fulfill all COE Agency Technical Review requirements. Clients appreciate the quality of our cost products, because they generate very few review comments.

-Have performed capably on numerous COE jobs as the estimating sub-consultant on AE IDIQ task orders.

- One Registered Professional Engineers (PE) in the State of Oregon

- One Certified Professional Estimator with the American Society of Professional Estimators 

- One Certified Cost Consultant with COE